A Challenge to Listening: Maryanne Amacher’s GLIA at CTM

published by BerlinArtLink, Feb. 10, 2023

American composer Maryanne Amacher refused to record her architecturally-staged soundworks. She believed this would never fully capture the sensory, experiential aspect at the core of her artistic vision. And she was probably correct. While there are a few digital copies of her pieces on Youtube and Spotify, listening to them doesn’t seem quite right. Unlike John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen’s extensive outputs that remain seminal documents of their achievements and continue to be widely listened to and studied, Amacher’s work is notoriously difficult to access. 

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Maryanne Amacher at work on her 1985 Mini Sound series during her residency at the Capp Street Project in San Francisco // Credit California College of the Arts

Marwa Arsanios Matter of Alliances

published by Heidelberger Kunstverein
Editor: Johanna Hardt
Design: KontextKommunikation Heidelberg

ISBN 978-3-948096-99-1

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Foto Heidelberger Kunstverein 2023

Katinka Eichhorn, Jordan Madlon Wo der Raum vorbeifliegt

Published by Heidelberger Kunstverein on the occasion of the first joint exhibition of the Mannheim-based artists Katinka Eichhorn (b. 1993) and Jordan Madlon (b. 1989).
Editor: Johanna Hardt
Design: KontextKommunikation Heidelberg

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Jakob Kudsk Steensen

published by BerlinArtLink, June 1, 2021

Berlin is a city wrenched from wetlands. Its erection at the junction of the Spree and Havel rivers meant taming the water to build a new world. No longer a settlement by the swamp, Berlin’s urban history as a marsh metropolis aligns it with other major cities in the world. “Think of London, New York, Paris, Chicago. Humans built their cities on or adjacent to tidal and freshwater wetlands,” explains Jakob Kudsk Steensen, who I met in his studio in Wedding to discuss ‘Berl-Berl,’ his upcoming solo exhibition at Halle am Berghain. He is quick with his answers; every word has its place. “The negative connotation of marshy landscapes as wastelands came with modernism, with the rationalised perspective on space in the 1800s. I’m interested in pre-modern signifiers. The wetland as a necessity of life,” he asserts.

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Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Photo by Ériver Hijano

Luca Longhi Thermopolium

12 June - 24 July 2021
at Claas Reiss, London

Thermopolia constitute the hallmark of Roman urbanism. With their bars typically opening directly onto busy arteries and major intersections, the distinction between interior and exterior shrinks to an insignificant minimum.

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Luca Longhi, Thermopolium, Claas Reiss

Druck Druck Druck The Catalogue

Published in 2020 by Galerie im Körnerpark

Bringing the print studio into gallery and making a space for independent print-based communities from Berlin and beyond, Druck Druck Druck explored how printing techniques can be used to achieve radical goals in art, education and community.

Authors: Nina Prader & John Z. Komurki
Text: Dorothee Bienert, Birgit Binder, Johanna Hardt, Deniz Beşer, Siddhartha Lokanandi
Design: Luca Bogoni

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 Sedrig Verwoert + Christiaan De Donder They/Them

published by BerlinArtLink, May 24, 2019

It starts off in low light. In almost total darkness, the dancers walk on stage. They stand motionlessly until the first beat of the music drops. Low beats, blue lights: the duo starts to turn, twist, jerk on the floor. Their bodies are constrained, they are torn. Hands and feet are clung together, dictating the way they move.

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Foto: Sedrig Verwoert and Christiaan De Donder: ‘They/Them’ // Photo credit: Anders Bigum