ICA Public Market Place

Part of: In formation  Institute of Contemporary Art, London, SW1Y 5AH, July 27, 2018

Images by Chiara Dalla Rosa

In response to the In formation  program of the ICA, the ICA's Student Forum organizes a one-day event exploring collective working modes. Using the etymology of the word 'forum' (from the Latin for 'public marketplace') as its starting point, ICA Public Marketplace challenges the conventional meaning of the word 'market' by collectively producing knowledge and sharing and exchanging ideas rather than consuming culture. 

The ICA Public Marketplace consists of five market stalls, each inviting direct participation from audiences, curators, artists and contributors, blurring the boundaries between these predefined roles.  

Produced by Cristina Vasilescu, Elisabeth Del Prete, Håkon Lillegraven, Jakob Rowlinson, Johanna Hardt, Marcel Darienzo and Natasha Trotman.