Public Market  for Art Night 

7 July 2018
Art Night is a free contemporary arts festival that puts art into extraordinary locations around London for one night a year.

Synaptic Island for Public Market Place at Art Night London
Public Marketplace featured Robertas Narkus, Milo Creese, Synaptic Island, and Caterina Gobbi
Performance / Workshop / Film Screening/ Installation

Public Marketplace is a collective project that features six participatory ‘market stalls’ in Riverlight Estate’s outdoor gardens asking audience members to act as participants instead of consumers. Challenging the conventional meaning of ‘market’, Public Marketplace presents itself as an alternative trading ground for performative and interactive activities. Visitors are encouraged to act as participants by contributing to the production and negotiation of local cultural narratives in one of Europe’s largest redevelopment sites.

Presented by curators Marcel Darienzo, Elisabeth Del Prete, Johanna Hardt, Håkon Lillegraven, and Cristina Vasilescu.

Images by Chiara Dalla Rosa | on the right: Work by London-based artist Milo Creese