568 rows 18 columns

10 March 2018
Cubitt Artists
8 Angel Mews, London N1 9HH, United Kingdom

Workshop and Website Launch

With Jayson Haebich

568 rows 18 columns is a project that investigates how an archive informs the identity of a cultural institution while exploring the possibilities and limits of visual data representations such as graphs and maps.

The event marks the end of Out of Data Research Group’s six-month archival research inquiry at Cubitt. The research group – comprised of Goldsmiths MFA Curating students Johanna Hardt, Ashley Janke and Katie Yook – has brought about the datafication and digitization of information from Cubitt’s Archive. The research has been driven by their interest in challenging the apparent face value of data as a medium of knowledge transfer by exploring more fluid and dynamic modes of visual representation.

Data analysis has accelerated rapidly during the past five years and is being applied to new areas, such as the visual arts. In this workshop, computational artist Jayson Haebich will discuss new ways of thinking about data and information. This will include the use of data analysis and machine learning within the creative fields, how it can be used, and what technologies are currently available. Jayson will introduce some easy use tools that participants can apply to their own data.

Presentation of the website 568 rows 18 columns, a new work by Jayson Haebich that uses programming and data visualisation to translate Out of Data Research Group’s database of information collected from Cubitt’s archive, which dates back to 1991. Visitors are invited to interact with the works and engage with the reading materials provided.